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    After months of deliberations, my wife and I joined WildBlue in May '08.
    When our sons returned home in June, one of them downloaded YouTube software and within days they had both downloaded so much material we were maxed out, and endured 30 days worth of slowed down speeds, lower than our previous dial-up. We sucked it up and resumed our normal usage around July 26th. My sons were instructed to not use YouTube on our computer and all has gone well (except for some router and intranet difficulties of our own...another story...another time..).
    My reason for this thread is this: I have been watching my usage blue arrows to see when they would drop back down to almost nothing when our "month" time period was finished (usually around the 26th of the month). Our usage is still at 50% and 14% respectively. Tech support on the phone does not seem able to tell us what our time period for measuring usage actually is. Does anyone know how to solve this? I fully understand the usage issues, and I know this is becoming a national concern, and I am willing to follow the rules I agreed to.
    I would just like to know when the "new" "next" 30 day usage period begins so I can make sure we do not "max" over on our download limits.
    Glad these forums are here as I believe that satellite internet users will only increase and all these concerns need to be addressed. Thanks.

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    "I would just like to know when the "new" "next" 30 day usage period begins so I can make sure we do not "max" over on our download limits."

    I think you may misunderstand the FAP policy. It is a rolling thirty day FAP meaning that they started counting the first day you signed onto WB and you accumulated usage for thirty days. Once you reached day thirty one the first days usage drops off. I would expect you to see some change once thirty days pass from the time your sons downloaded some files but you never see it go down to zero unless you unplug your system for a thirty one days. It may be worth your while to get a usage monitoring tool as mentioned in other threads here if your concerned about usage.
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    It should also be noted that if your usage is at 50%, you're in no danger of "being FAPPED."
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    Depending on the software "next day" can be each millisecond or each 24 hour period. WildBlue does not explain their details. They do say it may require 24 hours for the meter to refresh but that is a secondary read out, not the actual file calculating your usage.

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