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Thread: I Love Exede

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    Could be for upgraded Exede12 customers...maybe it works for new customers or for all Exede5 customers...but the problems happened when I upgraded and for some reason they assigned me a new account number, cancelled my old Anik/Value Pak account number, and have never been able to view my bill online.

    I can get to the "Manage my account" page OK, it shows the correct account number I have now and allows me to update/change passwords or any other function, but when I log into the "View my bill" page it always says "Username or Password not recognized"..

    The advanced tech team tried everything they knew, including creating their own password, but still could not log in themselves...always comes back as "a known" problem and they're working on it..
    WB Legacy 2/12/09, 2/23/12 to Exede12-1 SB 342, Albuquerque Gateway, Phoenix Node/AcceleNet servers, Dell Desktop XP-Home SP3, D-Link DIR655 Router, Dell Laptop Vista Home Basic SP2, Chrome browser .

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    It also could be partner specific problem, as in just the ViaSat direct customers on the Exede12 are having problems where the Dishnetwork Exede12 customers are not having problems.

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    Thank you for your post to me, Phainein.

    "Speed tests can/will be misleading these days. User experiences is what counts, not speed tests.

    Is Youtube loading OK (no buffering), do web pages load within several seconds, etc."

    Youtube seems to be working just fine, and web pages are loading a lot faster than they did before the upgrade. I'm so thankful for the new service!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kitty View Post
    Thank you for your post to me
    Your Welcome...thanks

    I'm using a Exede 5 mbps service plan, and my nightly speeds range around one to two mbps, but I have seen them hoover around 700 kbps.

    Mainly, I'm browsing and doing email but have not yet seen interruptions (delays) in service, except buffering on videos coming from England.

    I would not expect downloading larger files to do well during primetime. As indicated in Exede's Network Management Policy:

    The network gives high preference for VOIP, video/audio streaming/progressive downloads, and Internet browsing (both HTTP and HTTPS) applications (“Level 1 Traffic”).

    So, when we see issues with these activities above, it should be brought to their attention. I would expect streaming video to have a limit, as in short duration videos are permitted but Netflix steaming may get dropped (buffering) when a given beam fills with more customers.

    On videos, like Youtube, I set video bit rate to 360p/240p; otherwise, with higher bit rates, one will eat up their DAP, and may see more buffering.

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