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Thread: Viewing Bill Problems

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    The issue is that if I was able to view my bill when it first came out then I would notice if I had been charged for something that I should not have been charged for.
    I get my email on the same day the bill comes out...if I see any discrepancy I take should have been alerted that something was wrong on the same day your bill came out from reviewing your email notice....

    After your initial setup and installation charges for your service has been paid on your first bill, your bill should be the same amount for every month after that, and it should be easy to spot a problem from your email bill notice, which contains the amount your account is being charged..

    I'm not trying to defend the lack of an ability for us to view our on-line billing, WB should get this fixed ASAP...but I am saying it should not be a major issue for knowing if something is wrong with your current bill.
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    Default I should have known

    When I ordered my service last month I waited for the email or phone call I was supposed to get telling me when my installation would be. After a couple of weeks went by I gave them a call. I was told they couldn't give me a install date. I asked can you tell me if it will be at least by August? "No sir I can't!".
    So after I talked to a supervisor and said I wanted to cancel since they took the money out of my account and couldn't give me a install date he quickly got me a install date. Now after a month later I'm still waiting for them to give me a answer on why I get the email about my bill and can log into the regular website but I have yet to be able to see my bill. Even though they take the money the day they send out the bill. When it directs me to log in to view the bill naturally it says wrong username or password. I ordered this service cause I recently became a single parent and my daughter is to start on line school in august. I live in the country (close to work) and with gas prices really didn't feel like moving 40 miles back to Disgusta ga. I have never in my 50 yrs ever seen a company with such lame service. They are very quick to take your money but honestly does anyone in the company know whats going on? I am usually a patient person but after a month of no answers and obviously no concern on their end I could never recommend them to anyone.

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    I feel your pain; I've had the new system sense Feb. 9th and as of today's date, I've not been able to review my bill or make changes to my account; then just this past week I learn that it might be some time this summer before they have this issue fixed. I have just given up on this issue; If I find that something is wrong with my bill I'll just worry the hell out them until they correct the issue with my bill. I am having a great time with the system but a hell of a time with viewing my account; that's my only issue at this time.

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    I get the email on same day the funds are taken - no warning, no chance to view it first. By the time I wake up and see the email, it's already out of my account. Of course the View Bill site does not work and, trying to call to get my balance results in a 45 minute hold and being half deaf from the loud music so, I have no idea if my upgrade will be on this or the next bill.
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    Well, at least you get an email BlueMoods, I have been on WildBlue since March... and have yet to receive ANY email --- except for two saying I had hit 70 percent of my Download Allowance.
    I can't get to my account info online and a call to WildBlue gave me no idea when better days may come.

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