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    I am really thinking about finally signing up for Exede. Tired of my spotty cell phone wifi card. I know that I dont currently use 10 GB of data a month (my cell card is limited to 5 GB currently) But I also know that if I have faster internet I will probably use it more. So my question is if I am consistently going over the data limit, can I change my contract to go 15 GB or 25GB? If so does that restart my 24 month commitment?
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    You can switch plans, up or down, and just pay the new monthly can only switch once every 30 can start with the lower package and change to a higher package after 30 days...right now is a grace period where your usage is not enforced until the Exede usage meter is online, unless you grossly abuse your service. Also, after the usage meter is operational WB is supposed to offer Exede customers the ability to purchase extra usage with their current plan, rumored to cost $8 per gigabyte, but that option is not posted yet.

    Your contract period does not start over when you switch to a higher or lower usage/speed package with Exede, nor with the old Legacy plans.
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    Thanks for the info.

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