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Thread: Customer code / beam#?

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    Default Customer code / beam#?

    I had an error in my billing where I was being charged for the lease monthly instead of a lifetime lease, and yesterday customer service was able to change it (thanks Steve), but the only way they could fix the problem was to cancel my service and re-initiate the service.

    They asked me to put in the new customer code to provision the install, but it would then not find the satellite even though it had service five minutes before….

    So, they scheduled an installer to come up a week from now to see what is wrong saying that the dish could have been moved…I don’t know, but the modem now see’s zero signal when it previously had a SNR of about 11 .

    I’m trying to wrap my head around what could of happened…does anyone know if the customer code sets the modem to only see a particular beam?

    I’m just wondering if I’m now set to the wrong beam and this is the cause.

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    I was told by another installer that once you enter the modem's install menu that you have to go through the complete point/peak sequence to successfully provision the modem...

    So, you may be stuck waiting for an installer to do the full provisioning sequence again.
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    Try this ..

    Go to

    Enter the modem key they gave you, or if they didn't, any of us technicians on here can look up your account and give you the key.

    The next screen should have two arrows at the bottom, click the one on the right side

    Now sit and wait until the 3 boxes on the screen all have a green check mark.
    You can tell if it is actually trying to lock on by the modem lights .. (top solid, second blink, then top two solid, third blink, then top 3 solid, fourth blink, then you're locked.)

    If you're modem doesn't lock, then you definately need a tech to repoint the dish, which I believe is going to be the case.

    If it does lock on, then close the web browser and open a new one to begin provisioning. If you need assistance with provisioning, just let us know.

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    Hello sperry85,
    Yes I did all of that, but it didn't lock...waited an hour and it still didn't get past the course pointing indicator.

    As I said, the odd thing is that prior to WildBlue resetting my account, my signal strength was fine which tells me that it was pointed correctly....

    I had not wanted to tighten them before since it would throw the alignment off, today since the tech had not tightened up the lag bolts enough and the dish would move a little in the wind...and since I wasn't connecting anyway I thought I'd go ahead and tighten them; might of moved it a degree if at all.

    As well since I was dead in the water anyway, I went ahead and tried to do the point, peak, and push-pull...but I slowly scanned from -20 to +20 degrees Azimuth and the same in elevation from the original settings , but never got even a hint of a lock so there was nothing to peak.

    I know where the satellite is both by dead reckoning (in relation to a tree) and as well I used my compass, but I couldn't get a ring even after an hour of this.

    It could be that I just missed it since I know how touchy these things are from aligning TV dishes, gut feeling is that it is something else.

    Perhaps the modem key that they gave me was wrong or I heard it wrong...but I repeated it back to her and she said it was correct...don't know.

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    That's too bad, I was really interested if the modem actually has to learn the frequency range, or if it just had to learn it initially to get a proper peak. The one modem swap I've done I just repointed the dish from the start instead of trying the other way. However, that customer and you were both told just swap it out and you're good. Is you're account directly through wildblue, or a third party provider. Curious if the information they're giving is accurate or they assume it works the way SB1 did.

    Even if the wrong key was put in, you would still get something, since the modem key tells the modem what frequency range it is suppose to operate in, and the frequency ranges are reused in each spotbeam. That's odd, if you try again, perhaps you should raise the elevation a degree or two because when the dish is loosened it will naturally lean downwards.

    No the modem will not be locked to that frequency, you can change it just by going back to the modem install page and starting over.

    And note that the 'customer code' and 'modem key' are two different things. The modem key tells the modem what beam and frequency range to use and is 4 sets of 4 digits, while the customer code is used to tag the modem to your account during provisioning and is just a string of letters or numbers without any specific format. However if you were getting a heartbeat tone emitting from the tria, then you had the modem key.
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    I've always told those people who believe that the earth has shifted on its axis (you know those "pole shift" people) that if they didn't have to realign their TV dishes that the earth is exactly where it was in relationship to other things as it was before....

    Maybe we had a pole shift???


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    When you put in the code and enter the adjustment mode you have to go out and readjust the dish.
    First in the learning mode and then to fine tune before it will lock even if you are dead on to start with…
    (I am not an installer and know nothing) But that is the truth! You know heart beat and then the tone that I can’t hear…… HA hahahhahaa

    Just a thought?????

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    I have to turn my good ear to the Tria so that I can hear that sound.
    Obviously a young person decided upon that "heat beat" frequency....

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    I call it peak to the silance.... Not super accurate.

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    When you first start the point/peak procedure and your dish has been previously aligned you may not hear any beeps from the Tria...other installers say to place something in front of the Tria, like thick cardboard, to block the signal and after about 20 seconds or so with no signal reaching the Tria remove the blocker and you should hear the beeping now coming from the Tria.
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