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Thread: Cancelled an Install of Excede services

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    jenal, please send me a PM here with your name and the phone number associated with your account. I'll forward it to Customer Service and ask someone to look at your account and assist you. Thank you.
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    Please note I have changed usernames to "Exede Steve", and do not use this account anymore. Thank you.

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    Now I am waiting on the to "research" my account to resolve the matter. We will see what excuse I get this time and how long this takes! This should not take this long. Very poor customer management!

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    WB Steve:

    My install of Exede was kind of shaky: the first time the installer could not complete the install process and had to return with a different modem. He was a great guy--polite and knowledgable. I was not upset by the glitch--s*** happens.

    After the install was completed (mid-April), we were happy campers. We are in an Exede-5 area and got speeds close to 5 mbps. But soon thereafter, our speed tanked to 1-1.5 mbps and has pretty much stayed there. For one three-day period, we could not browse at all and could only receive email with no photos or graphics. I spent hours on the phone with tech people (all nice and helpful) rebooting modem, router, computer; clearing cache; etc. etc. Nothing worked. They set a date a week away for a tech to come. The tech replaced the modem, receiver, tria and coax, but we got no improvement. BTW, he was also a very nice and knowledgable guy. He said that he thinks maybe ViaSat is having problems with the spot beam.

    I live in a very rural area and have followed the ViaSat story on Endgadget since well before the satellite successfully launched. I am thrilled at the prospect of satellite faster than what we had(Hughes). I am trying to be patient.

    If there is a problem with the beam, would anyone at ViaSat acknowledge it? So far no one at Exede has suggested the possibility. They just keep wanting to put me through the drill of reboots, etc.
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    MM............I would click here and send Steve a message and see if he can help you...
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    I should have checked into the data allowances more carefully when I upgraded to Exede.

    I got an email this month (June) that I'm using too much. My options are either stop using my Internet connection or upgrade my account. I'm about to exceed my Ecede usage for my first 30 days on the counter.

    I'm not a happy customer at all. When I switched from my former Wild Blue connection the salesman stated that he could save me money by changing over to Exede. Well he was wrong! The basic package is just about half of what I need and he should have known that.

    What makes this even worse is that I've had a lot of problems and been unable to access the Internet several times since I switched. Fortunately the guy who came out on the service call did get me back online even though he had no idea what the problem was (TRIA Bullfrog VG showed red on the test). No one he contacted knew what this was either.

    Since then I've still lost service quite a few times. One morning my modem kept rebooting. This happened for more tham an hour. I'd have a connection and then suddenly the connection was cut off and the modem looked like it was stuck trying to find the satelite. I tried rebooting the modem, but it only stayed connected for a few minutes at a time. Then the modem rebooted itself and has been fine for several days.

    If my service was dependable perhaps I'd be happier for the need to pay more.

    As soon as my contract is up I'm looking into the new Version 4G service. I should have considered it before I upgraded to Exede. It may be faster and cheaper.

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    I think we will see a lot of stories like this once the caps are enforced. Not sure what package you got, but 7.5 GB is nothing. 10 and 15 are not much better for an entire month.

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    I found out the best way to cancell service and avoid all of the fees.....

    Cancel your credit card by reporting it lost or stolen ,,, you know the one that you used when you first got service,,, then just send them a certified letter to get their equipment and explain how they are ripping you off by changing the free zone by taking away your plan data now and other breaches of your original contract a contract that is not at all legally binding...

    You get to keep you money and you get a shiney new card in the mail......

    I tried being nice with exede but they just want our money via sat has not changed at all exede gets worse every day... and don't believe that they need caps because they don't,,,, they have plenty of data for all the users to be on at the same time running full speed...

    So stop complaining and stop paying ....take back control....if enough people get smart they will have no choice but to change their ways....
    Another disgruntled customer

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    I had thought of doing just what you did. I don't care what they say they have breached their contact and we are not the only end that has to hold up the contract and pay. The powers that be must be listening because I no longer use bandwidth at the speed of light. I still have no qualms about giving them the boot if they start acting up again.
    You might want to read: He has a good story and a lesson for us all.

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