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Thread: Cancelled an Install of Excede services

  1. Exclamation Cancelled an Install of Excede services

    I am not one to post my business on forums normally, but I could not find any information containing email addresses for management at ViaSat. I wanted to vent about your sales reps and the tactics they use to lure potential customers into paying a $149.99 fee without getting full permission to do so.

    My example is this: I called in on Friday afternoon, February 10, to inquire about how the service worked, speeds and pricing. Your sales rep insisted that I would be extremely satisfied with the service and recommended setting up an install date in order to have all my questions answered with absolutely no commitment to buy. I found this a little confusing, considering it was an INSTALL appointment, but was assured that I could ask questions then and would be charged all applicable charges when, and only when, services were installed at my home. She then asked me for my debit card or checking account information as a form of "deposit" in case I decided to install. She said that if I agreed to install, that form of payment would be used to cover the $149.99 "one time fee," first months service and a prorated charge for services in the current month. I asked not once, not twice but three times if my debit card would be billed anything at that time and was told no. I agreed to allow an installer come out and talk to me about the service on 2/29. About an hour later, I went to the ATM to withdraw some cash and noticed that my available balance had decreased by approximately $150. I immediately called the number on the confirmation email and Nicholas was the rep who answered. I asked Nicholas 4 times whether or not my card had been charged and he very rudely informed me that he had already told me 3 times that it would not be charged until install. The next morning, $149.99 was debited from my checking account.

    I called back in and spoke to a young lady and advised her that both a sales rep and a CSR had lied to me regarding the charge and that had I not checked my balance, their lies could have cost me a lot of money. I immediately requested the install be cancelled and my money be refunded to my card. She told me that she would initiate a ticket and have the refund processed ASAP and that I should call on Monday (Feb 13) to check the status. Unfortunately, due to a death in the family, I had to attend a funeral on Monday and couldn't follow up. I called today, Wednesday, and was told there was no ticket filed on Saturday because the rep noted that I was going ot call in and file the ticket myself.

    So, for those of you keeping count, 3 reps spoken to and 3 reps who did not provide me correct information.

    The lady I spoke with today (after holding for 20 minutes,) transferred me to the cancellation department where I was able to FINALLY cancel my installation and get a refund processed. However, I was told it would take 14business days to complete. Hardly. I called into customer service and asked that my refund be expedited due to the lies I had been told. The lady placed me on hold for about 5 minutes, then disconnected the call.

    I called in again, and finally got in touch with Megan, who told me she was able to expedite my refund and that it would finally post back to my account in 3-5 business days (not as fast as they took it out, but a vast improvement over 3 weeks.)

    So, needless to say, this has left me with a really bad view on this entire company. I could understand one representative giving me incorrect information; it happens at every company...but 4? And being hung up on? Seriously?! I have no plans to install this service in my home because if just the install process was this tainted, I can only imagine how well trained billing agents would be (read: billing issues galore.)

    I had hoped to send this information to higher level management at ViaSat, but since they do not provide contact information, I'm hoping someone here might know a way to get this information on to management.

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    James1215, we are listening, and I thank you for letting us know about this. I'd like to try and help you out and correct things for you. Can you please send me a PM here with your name, and the phone number that's associated with your order you placed?

    Also, if you still have it, can you please include in your PM the phone number you called when you ordered the service? And, even better, if you have the name, or agent ID of the salesperson who sold it to you, that would help too. Thank you.
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    ON a personal note, you may want to resolve your issue with Exede, I just switched from Hughesnet, what a difference. For Satellite, fantastic speed. I can relate to the issue though. I called Hughesnet after installation and told them that I wanted to cancel my account. They said, we will cancel you at the end of month and stop billing. I guess you can figure out how irate I was when I heard that, needless to say, they stopped billing me for service yesterday. Good luck

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    Hi James1215, I'm in the similiar situation. I just made my third call to Wildblue to get a refund of $369.98 from my cancelled order #497746. Obviously management does will not take responsibililty since phone reps are not allowed to escalate. All the reps can do is say is I'm sorry" and pick a random 7 digit number and say it's a confirmation number. I was told that my original request was closed because they "did not confirm my address". They just quietly closed it. That is so irresponsible of Wildblue!! No accountability or quality assurance at WildBlue. Why do I have to wait another 3-5 days for my refund again? IT SHOULD BE REFUNDED IMMEDIATELY... SAME DAY! I'm sure I'll be calling again next Friday.

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    I had the same trouble, palced my order with Wildblue. When Directv came out to do the install and could not get it to work. I called and cancel the order, after a month I still did not get a credit for the $149.99 so I call my credit card company and did a charge back. I ordered again from my local Satellite Installer and the did the install and everything is working very well now.

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    I just called again and still no refund. It's been 55 days since I cancelled.

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    First off, I'm sorry you decided to cancel and that it's taking so long. I wonder if there's anything we could do to try to earn your business. Secondly, if you still want to cancel, send me a PM here with your name and phone number and I'll get someone from customer service in touch with you quickly. Thank you.
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    Hi WB Steve,

    I spoke with customer service the other day and they transferred me to Danielle(?) at the corporate and she said my refund check was released on Monday, April 23. It's Thursday night and still no sign. Maybe tomorrow ... maybe next week... who knows. She gave me her direct line so I can follow up with her next week.

    Your work processes are totally anti-customer friendly. I couldn't call after work because office hours are only 9-6pm. It's become a running joke at my office when I excuse myself to call Wildblue. They all laugh and say "good luck!". It wasn't until my 4th call was I able to talk to someone besides the customer service rep. They are all well versed in saying "sorry" but not very good at getting things done in a timely manner. And where is quality control? I was told my initial was cancelled because "my address was not confirmed". Even if I did move the Post Office would have found me because I would do a "change of address" form. Wildblue said they tried calling me, but they used a phone that displays "blocked" on the caller ID. I don't talk to strangers and I don't take block calls. Are you guys afraid to display your company name on a customer's caller ID? How many thousands of other customers are having the same issues with Wildblue?

    Finally, why couldn't the check be sent overnight express mail? It would show that you cared.

    Future business....I don't know.... they say time heals all wounds...
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    I got my refund!!! It was not a check, but a charge back to my VISA. It occurred on Monday, so I should have been checking my VISA account and not the mailbox. Just more wrong information from WildBlue.

    I done with Wildblue!

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    This pretty much sums up my entire experience with Wild Blue. I also have called numerous times and received different excuses as to why I have not received my refund yet. I am now on my second "confirmation" number 9683530. I actually cancelled the service directly with Wild Blue and went through Dish Network because I had not received an installation date and could bundle the services. I cancelled on March 16 and Dish Network installed Excede on March 17. The internet has been working extremely well I have no complaints in that regard. (We were referred to Wild Blue by a former Hughes Net customer.)
    HOWEVER! Dealing with Wild Blue directly has been an absolute nightmare to get this account refunded! I am now being told it could be until May 11 to get my refund. Absolutely unacceptable! And no one can email any sort of confirmation of anything! Ridiculous!
    I also tried to submit an inquiry via the website and the site would not let me submit the email. I will be extremely happy when I no longer have to deal with Wild Blue directly! Their customer service is awful!
    I truly hope the my refund is processed this week as I was told when I called on April 23rd! It is asinine that it would take this long to process a refund. I don't know of ANY business that you can't WALK to someone to have something expedited. I guess they like to receive phone calls from irate customers...

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