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Thread: Not getting FAP notices?

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    Default Not getting FAP notices?

    New member - hopefully I am in the right spot for this question. I am a WildBlue customer, via Dish Network. Gold package. Some background first....

    I try to monitor our usage with the Reality Ripple monitor, since the monitor/gadget I had originally used (by logging in with my dish mail address to the google page) hasn't worked for months.

    Over Christmas break our usage went sky high - kids home, online shopping, etc. It stayed at a manageable 80% for the most part. After the first of the year it has spiked into the high 90's with one day at 100%. I am trying to keep usage to a bare minimum to get it back down. Thanks to Doug's post I have somewhat of an understanding on how the 30 day usage cap works.

    Now for the questions...

    1. Why am I not getting any FAP warnings? I have gotten warning in the past. The end of June to be specific. Shouldn't I have been sent some type of an email warning? I have checked my spam folders just in case it was put there - nothing...

    2. Will the Reality Ripple monitor work again? Is there any monitor that is working? I would like to keep an eye on our usage.

    Also - my speeds don't seem to be that "off" either. Not blazing fast, but it never is. But OH SO much better than dial-up

    Thanks for any input.

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    I believe that your FAP warning e-mails come from DN for their customers and not from WB.

    It depends on how the RR WBBM has been disabled and whether it is re-enabled. Again, I think that your 'official' usage indication is from DN. Mine, worked last I tried it, early this morning.

    Thanks for the kind words.
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    One reason you might not be getting the email is that DISH doesn't have your most up to date email address on file. If you send me a PM here I can try to get them to add it to your account over there. Thank you.
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    Thanks for your replies. I did check my dishmail account settings and my email address is correct and has not ever changed.

    I was able to check my usage using the dishmail customer portal.

    Thanks from snowy and COLD NW Iowa.

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