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Thread: What happened to the Usage Link?

  1. Thumbs down What happened to the Usage Link?

    Received an email saying i am in violation of FAP, How will i know my usage and track it if the link don't work anymore or not to be used? If it is no longer any good then Update your site and remove the links...
    The utility is online at
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    That is not the only indication of your usage and has been heavily commented upon. How long has it been down that you didn't notice, didn't attend to your usage and didn't search for an alternative?
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    You need to go to and sign in using the account login info that you were given at installation. When you get to your home page the second box down on the left hand side "Wildblue useful links" has a link for account management. Click on it and sign in again. The fourth tab over is the usage tab. That is the correct spot to check your usage. It has been up and down as Wildblue finishes migrating everything over in the new system but should be there for you. When all else fails you can call 1-866-945-3258 and they should be able to tell you. One other thing to remember is that you should receive an email at the contact info set up by your installer (which is required by all partners) whenever you are reaching your threshold.

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