View Poll Results: What is your main method for watching TV shows?

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    52 41.60%
  • DISH Network

    48 38.40%
  • Over the air antenna (OTA)

    14 11.20%
  • Online (Hulu, YouTube, etc.)

    5 4.00%
  • Other

    3 2.40%
  • Don't own a TV

    3 2.40%
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Thread: Poll: How do you get your TV?

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    I use Directv till Sept then I will switch back to Dish Network. I have done these every 2 years for the last 12 years.

    This way I lock into the promo pricing. I do not think one is better so price is what matters to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maythen View Post
    Digital TV through a converter box and a digital antenna. No monthly bills, and "Hell's Kitchen" comes in just fine.
    me tooI like games ,such as Prime World,
    Seven Souls Online,
    Spirit Tales,
    Miner wars and
    Carte: Online TCG
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    Well lets see... I really have a problem; most people i know pay about $35 a month for unlimited use of download or upload for that matter. But i just happen to be "1/2 mile" from dsl... wow my bad.. and this new 'exede' well if you look at the numbers it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that 'exede' really is not worth the money. They take your upload and download usage combined and for $79.00 you get less than you do if you just stay with original pkg i go over cause i like to stream Nascar....Even if i did pay for Dish network or DirecTV it seems i over pay just for internet... why pay more. Then I have to load my 55" led,lcd TV in my truck to go to my neighbors to watch the race, this is getting old... You see with 2 kids and the wife and myself we can use a lot of bandwith.... MY BAD!!!!!!! If I paid the big price i would still go over my monthly usage..... I am working on a tower so i can go wireless wow i hope that will work.. NO CAP ON USE!!!!!!!!!! WOW what a concept..... The way i see the newest faster download and upload is you will just go over your monthly usage that much faster ....LOL WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!

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    Default DirecTV (since 1993)

    Update 5-27. Now have a Genie in my pocket and it came with SWiM. The installer asked where we wanted the SWiM power inserter and didn't argue. Put in the most complex set of splitters and a DECA with a separate power supply. After two weeks of intermittent weather fades and network errors, we realized that he hadn't changed the RG6 to solid copper. (DTV must have learned it from Via-Sat) Relocated the PI to the attic and did a single wire feed from half of the SWiM16 to the Genie with no splitter or DECA. Works better than the Beta version of whole home now. Some day I'm going to put a timed switch between the TV subnet and the router that will allow internet access only during LNFZ. Right now I'm letting the TV's see the internet all day, but we just choose to seldom use ON DEMAND. Love it and recommend it, but like Satellite internet, only if you can't get FIOS at your ranch. I use the forum on DBS TALK to lurk out the best technical details, much like I use this one for the eXEDE gems. DTV HOORAH

    DirecTV HD, whole house, four DVRS, not swim, uses a sub router from the Time Machine router connected to the Via-sat modem. Could do VOD now if the bandwidth was available.

    Fun in the country.

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    I've had Dish Network for the last 12 years, 10,000 channels and nothing's on. Before that I had 2 channels by rabbit ears, a 60 second commercial every 15 minutes. Now I pay to watch 5 minutes of commercials every 2 minutes. I read a lot now and watch Youtube.

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    I currently have DirecTV. Rabbit ears won't work--to far from any stations. I live in a hilly area which doesn't help, but I am very remote. I have trouble getting radio stations too. When on the road I often go from one station to another (different cities) without even touching the radio (really the pits to be listening to a song I like and suddenly find myself listening to a totally different style of music/language). My only choice for phone service is AT&T cell. I have Edge (no 3G, but it has been promised). Only have access to a single tower, which seems to break a lot--which means no phone service. I get better phone reception in the spare bedrooms then I do in the living room, no idea why. No NOAA out here either, which is really bad since severe storms are common.

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    Once your Exede upgrade is installed, hook it up to Google Voice and you can have free VoIP telephone service.
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    direct tv avid sports fan must have NFL Sunday ticket

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    Quote Originally Posted by justin82 View Post
    direct tv avid sports fan must have NFL Sunday ticket
    I love the NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV! What team's your favorite, Justin?

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    Colts fan.. then Broncos ..

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