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Thread: Satellite finder app for Droid & iPhone

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    Default Satellite finder app for Droid & iPhone

    I just bought a very cool tool, made for the iPhone and Droid

    You tell it which birds you are interested in and it draws an arc in the sky with the birds on it

    Hold your phone up and it layers on top of your camera image on where the birds are at
    Walk along possible dish site locations and check for LOS

    Haven't used it on a real job but looks promising
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    Makes me want to trade my Palm Treo in on a Iphone just for that!

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    That's a very cool app -- I'm tempted to buy it for my Droid.
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    That is beyond cool!
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    its a piece of useless crappy apps, not any thing you would really wanna spend money for.

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    Just curious, why do you say that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dishtech209 View Post
    its a piece of useless crappy apps, not any thing you would really wanna spend money for.
    I too, am curious

    This morning I used it to find a hole in the trees
    Didn't seem right first time I was looking so gave the ol Droid a shake and spin
    Helped me tuck it back into landscaping

    Haven't taken the time to check its up/down accuracy but the left/right seems pretty accurate

    I have noticed when I am using the mapping app that it will initially put me a few miles off but as it gets more gps coming in, it moves my location right back to where I really am

    Maybe that was why at first today I got a goofy reading - don't know if the spinning helped or just better gps data coming in

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    the compass apps work just fine for the azmuith. you should know what your azmuit is and the compass work just fine no need to spend money on a dishpointer apps unless its freee then it kool but i got the dish pointer apps awhile back and thought it was the koolest apps also but i was pisses when i found out i can do the same with the compass apps already on the iphone, that my opinion you dont like it, go waste your money.

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