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Thread: After cancellation how long does email flow?

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    Question After cancellation how long does email flow?

    How long will my email account remain active and accessible after I cancel my Wildblue account?

    If the rule is that it goes dead immediately, are there any methods around this? When I cancelled my AT&T DSL account, my old sbc email address has continued to be active because Yahoo handles it. I'm wondering if Wildblue's use of Google for mail might yield the same result.

    Thank you!

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    I would think instantly?

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    If you disconnect your account, your email is deactivated immediately. We retain the ability to reinstate your email accounts for 30 days, in case you change your mind and want to re-activate your WildBlue service. After 30 days pass, then the email accounts are permanently deactivated and deleted.
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    Thumbs down WB could at least offer email forwarding for a fee

    I believe many people think of their email address like they do their phone number -- changing it is disruptive. Isn't that why cell phone companies were forced to allow people to keep their numbers? ISPs like WildBlue should at least offer the ability to forward email for a fee. To cut off an email address instantly yet keep it available in case the customer "changes his mind" is clearly intended to be punitive - kind of like saying "don't let the door hit you on your way out". It's one last slap after enduring high latency and slow speeds. Shame on WildBlue.

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    I know it sucks but you can take this opportunity to setup an ISP independent email via gmail

    Get a new account:

    Moving old email via fetching:

    Forward old email:
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    Angry so the rule should be: never use an ISP email account

    Thank you. I should add that I'm not a WildBlue subject; just a tech trying to help a neighbor who is. I long ago stopped using email accounts at ISPs, but that's not common, yet.

    This experience has tipped the scales for me. I've seen too many novices express fear when contemplating moving to a different ISP. My new policy will be to encourage every client to switch to ISP-independent email accounts.

    And shame on Google for letting a subsidiary do harm when it would be quite easy, and profitable, to provide email forwarding for a fee.

  7. Thumbs up Since Wildblue uses gmail....

    Wildblue's "ISP email" is housed on Google's gmail can also get a free "gmail" account without any ISP affiliation...

    If you're leaving WB, open a new email account at gmail, then forward all your WB mail to that new email account...

    There are other freebies out there like Yahoo and Hotmail...I know it's a pain to change your email address and notify everyone to start using it. I was with Bellsouth/AT&T on dial-up for many years and used my ISP's email services...but when I switched to WB I just kept my dial-up account at Bellsouth for about 2 weeks while I informed everyone of my new email address...then I canceled my BS account.
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